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Rimshot Productions on MySpace [www.myspace.com/rimshotstudios]

Rimshot Studio [www.rimshotstudio.co.uk]
Rimshot Productions in-house recording studio

Rimshot Mastering [www.rimshotmastering.co.uk]
Boutique analogue mastering of the highest quality

eMastering & eMixing [www.rimshotonline.co.uk]
Online mixing and mastering service

One Tree Music [www.onetreemusic.co.uk]
Run by Graeme Miall, fantastic booking agency and artist management

Green & Green Audio [www.greenandgreenaudio.co.uk]
Studio design and audio equipment of the highest calibre

Kaleidoscope Therapeutic Child Care [www.ktcc.co.uk]
Kent based fostering provider working in providing long-term therapeutic family placements for children and young people

Kaleidoscope Therapeutic Child Care [kpas.ktcc.co.uk]
Keystun Performing Arts Studio. A great facility built so that we can offer dance, music and drama therapy to Looked After Children and provide a great environment for training and meeting. Rimshot Productions uses this facility for their recording studio.