Recent projects: Jerimiah Marques – "Down By The River"

Vocalist Jerimiah Marques (b.1951) was born in Guyana and moved to the UK in the early 1970s. The first gig he attended shortly after arriving in London was Muddy Waters at the Marquee Club.

This experience set him on a path that has seen him perform alongside Chuck Berry and many other roots music icons.

Jeri has worked for the last 15 years with his band the Blue Aces, bringing his own brand of roots reggae, ska and blues to festivals audiences all over Europe.

recording Jeri's albumJeri teamed up with Mike and Petra at Rimshot Productions in 2012 to begin work on recording the album he’s always wanted to make.

The new album features some of the best roots music musicians from around Europe, including Christian Rannenberg (Piano), Jimmy Reiter (Guitar), Kai Strauss (Guitar), Raphael Wressnig (Hammond C3), Jim Leverton(bass) and Mike Thorne (drums).

Jerimiah’s album "Down By The River" is available on the TreeHouse44 label.